Friday, September 21, 2007

Unresolved Storm

It was evident the weather was coming. The stop/go/stop traffic was going to make it interesting. Maybe I should have left the motorcycle in the garage today. By the time I turned east, the sky was boiling and showed its hand with lighting flashes.

Faster now in the commuter lane, past smoky buses and cell phones, putting some distance on the darkness.

Slow again, really slow, around downtown. Still have to cross the river. Some raindrops, but it's not the real thing. The sirens are wailing and swirly tails are dropping from the cloud deck. No lane is really faster than another. The sky is black behind the tall buildings in my mirrors.

Finally over the river. All lanes are occupied by the unsure and the disconnected. My exit lane is plugged with those unable to make a right on red. These people are destined to be rained upon, and not just today; but in life in general. Huge raindrops are pinging off the fuel tank and my helmet, but it's still not really raining.

Heading south. Only blocks to go. It's really starting to rain now. Left then right into the alley, and under the garage roof overhang, sort of. The sky opens. I made it with no time to spare.

And somehow it's unsatisfying.

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